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What Is Anchor Text? Best Practices for Optimizing Link Text

Anchor text is the clickable text that appears in a hyperlink.

It’s designed to stand out from the rest of the text so that users know it can be clicked on. So it should have a different color than regular text. (Often, it’s blue.) Other stylistic elements, like an underline, can be added.

Anchor text should indicate to users what kind of page they’ll be taken to if they click the link.


anchor text code example


In this piece, we’ll cover:

  • Why anchor text is important for SEO
  • The eight different types of anchor text
  • How to optimize your anchor text

Let’s dive in.

Why Is Anchor Text Important?

Relevant, descriptive anchor text can improve your website’s rankings on Google. And it can enhance user experience.

That’s because both search engines and readers use anchor text to determine what a linked page is about.

So, relevant anchor text helps the Google algorithm understand your site structure. And that provides it with more context about how different pages are related to each other.

For example, the anchor text “best pizza” tells Google that the page that follows is about the best pizza.

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