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How to Improve Your Ad Relevance with Your Google Ads Account

Increasing ad relevance is the holy grail for digital advertisers. And who can blame them? Better ad relevance helps keep your Google Ads costs low while also granting you more visibility and a higher ROI.

Ad relevance is a one-way ticket to a successful ad campaign. But where do you start improving your ad relevance and how can you hit this marketing jackpot? Let’s find out.

Set Up Your Google Ads Campaign in Your Google Ads Account

You might still be researching whether a Google Ads account is right for you, or maybe you’ve already started your first campaign. Either way, it’s important to review the basics before anything else. Setting up a great campaign with Google Ads enables you to easily optimize it later if priorities change or roadblocks arise.

How Does a Google Ads Account Work?

Google Ads operates on three levels, organized hierarchically:

  1. Account: If you use any Google product, like Gmail, you already have an account. If you have any doubts about this, consult the Google guidelines.
  2. Campaign: You can create an account even if you don’t have a campaign, or you can open a new account and set up a campaign right away.
  3. Ad groups: These let you organize and target your ads. Each ad group contains one or more ads as well as the keywords that will trigger those ads.

Ad campaign chart

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